Tech Report Porsche 911 SC

The front calipers on the 911 SC are an alloy casting that are exquisitely made.  The casting has a cover on the inboard side to allow the machining of the piston seal and dust boot grooves inboard and outboard. This casting is one piece and does not split at the halves like the cast iron calipers used on most applications. This inboard cover is retained with four bolts and is o-ring sealed. This alloy caliper is very light weight and adds greatly to the reduction of unsprung suspension weight.

Now for the tech article part of this design. The alloy casting works great for what it is designed to but a problem arises due to the plated pistons used in the design. The pistons pit on the surface where the seal contact is made. This requires complete rebuild of the caliper and piston replacement.

The good news is Goldline Brakes can rebuild and bring these calipers back to like new condition for much less than other rebuilders. Call us for details ...1-877-DISC-CAL.

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