Tech Report BMW M3 LTW

This great looking M3 LTW is the pride and joy of Miki Haraguchi.  This car is a fine example of what is available for people who enjoy the thrill of driving. Her car is probably one of the best cars being produced today, but even it has its limits when it comes to track use.  Miki’s passion for learning how to control her car at a level few of us will ever know is the topic of this months tech article.

I met Miki when she came to our shop to have her rear calipers rebuilt. The problem she was having with the calipers was a common one to a lot of units we rebuild--the dust boots can’t stand up to the heat generated as the brakes are applied. This heat is not at a level that would be considered abusive, its just more than the dust boots can handle. The pads and rotors can endure a lot of heat, as can the internal o-ring seals, but the dust boots become brittle and oftentimes disintegrates.  This leaves the internal workings of the caliper exposed to dirt and contamination. A Teflon based dust boot is able to take this heat but at this time only a couple of truck applications are using it. It is important to keep your eye open for this condition to prevent loss of braking capacity.

Complete rebuilding of the caliper which in this case includes replacing the dust boot, internal o-ring and external slider bushings along with a complete cleaning of all metal parts restores the caliper to a like new condition.

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