Specialty Work

"We welcome all special requests"

In 41 years of rebuilding disc brakes, we have performed countless numbers of custom rebuilds. With our extensive knowledge and experience we are able to handle nearly every automotive brake need.

We offer high durability polymer coated calipers in red, black, silver, clear, yellow, or gold.  Or, if you have a show car that needs chrome plating we can do that too.  We also supply disc brake pads for normal street use, high performance, severe duty, or any grade in between. Over the years, we have rebuilt calipers and completed brake work on virtually every type of car on the road. Visit our picture page to see some examples of our work. Whether you’re taking your car out for a Sunday drive, competing in the local car show, or rolling on to the lawn at Pebble Beach, Goldline Brakes is your source for quality custom brake work.