Polymer Coated Disc Brake Calipers

Polymer Coated Calipers

Our Polymer caliper coating that has become available after years of testing is the best new product we've seen in a long time. It can be applied to any caliper – alloy, cast iron, or aluminum. The protection this coating provides is unsurpassed.

Preparing and coating the caliper is a detailed, technical process. First, the caliper is cleaned with a medium that opens the pores on the castings. The caliper is then degreased with a solvent and left to air dry. The Polymer coating is evenly applied to a pre-warmed casting and then baked at a temperature of 300ºF until cured. Once the coating is applied, the caliper not only looks great, but the pores of the casting are protected from corrosion and dirt build up. Moisture, brake fluid, brake dust, road salt--all the things that make a caliper look bad can’t get to the casting.

The Polymer coating is ultra thin at .005 inches so it does not trap heat inside the caliper nor does it interfere with movement of any of the caliper’s sliding parts. Powder coating and chrome plating are so thick that they encapsulate the heat in the caliper and restrict the sliders movement and therefore make these coatings applicable for show cars only.

When you have your calipers coated with Polymer it will make your calipers stand out more than ever. And, If you have custom wheels where your calipers are visible, this coating looks incredible!