Rebuilt Disc Brake Calipers

Since 1967, Goldline Brakes has been rebuilding disc brake calipers, using OEM quality parts to restore them to like-new condition. We welcome any special requests, and can deliver custom rebuilt disc brake calipers according to your specifications!

Why Choose Goldline Brakes?

  • We offer custom rebuilding of your disc brake calipers.
  • We rebuild calipers for all makes and models of vehicles.
  • We are one of the most established and respected brake rebuilders.

We Also Rebuild

  • Boosters
  • Masters
  • Cylinders

Brake Caliper Picture Gallery

Before and after photos of disc brake calipers rebuilt by Goldline Brakes. View More Pictures »

Polymer Coated Calipers

Superior protection and appearance for your disc brake calipers. Polymer Coated Calipers »